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Funds for Bilateral Relations
EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014

6th Open Call FBR PL13

Minister of Health as the Programme Operator

for PL13 “Reducing social inequalities in health”

announces the 6th call for proposals for FBR projects

funded from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 and the state budget

for the amount of EUR 200 000, i.e. 872 200 PLN[1]


1.      Purpose of the Fund for Bilateral Relations at the PL13 level

The Fund's purpose is to develop partnerships and to facilitate networking, exchange, sharing and transfer of knowledge, technology, experience and best practices between beneficiaries and entities in Norway.

Actions taken under the Fund refer to the purpose of the PL13, which is to contribute to improving the health of the Polish society by reducing health inequalities caused by social factors.

2.      Applicants

Applications may be submitted by:

Only Polish entities may apply for funding under the Programme.

In principle, poviats as units of local government in relation to health operate on a non-commercial basis. Therefore, support for poviats to implement those projects does not constitute unlawful state aid as defined in paragraph 107.1 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

The applicants for whom the assistance would constitute the forbidden state aid will be rejected during the formal assessment.


3.    Partners

Eligible project partners from Norway are, as follows:

The application is intended as a partnership project, however the applicant has the possibility to apply for funding to participate in trainings/workshops organized in Norway by entities other than the partner. In such cases a letter of intent or partnership agreement is not required as an attachment to the application. This applies to situations in which the applicant will participate in an event organized in Norway: open conference/training/workshop, etc., in line with the objectives of the Programme PL13, but not at his request or commission. The applicant furthermore may not be one of the main participants of such an event, nor its co-organizer.

Costs incurred by the partners are eligible but partner’s refund requests can only be submitted through the Polish Fund for Bilateral Relations beneficiaries.

Eligible Polish partners are local government units (poviats) in Poland, partners of the beneficiary of predefined project and other relevant entities.

4. The amount of funds allocated for projects

The total allocation available within the 6th call for FBR applications at the PL13 programme level (funds from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and Polish state budget) amounts to: 200 000 EUR i.e. = 872 200 PL [2]In case of savings within the programme, the allocation can be increased.


5. Funding

The level of funding for all beneficiaries - 100 % of the eligible costs.

The maximum amount of funding for the project is 100 000 EUR, i.e. 436 100 PLN[3].

The Programme Operator will not be making advanced payments for the FBR projects.

Grants will be awarded in the PLN.


6. Special rules for eligibility of expenditures

Eligible are following expenditures: networking, exchange, sharing and transfer of knowledge, technology, experience and best practice between entities in the Poland and entities in the Donor States and international organizations, within the Programme PL13. 

Management costs up to 10% of total project eligible costs are eligible.

The following expenditures are excluded:

1) Purchase, lease, hire of land.

2) Purchase, lease, hire of equipment with the exclusion of  short-term equipment rentals i.e. those serving the purpose of organizing an FBR event like seminar, conference, workshop for the period of the event and purchases of equipment units up to 3500 PLN, approx. 802 EUR in value –these expenses are eligible.

3) Construction and renovation operations -  all construction related activities, i.e. refurbishment, renovation, remodeling and construction are excluded under the fund.

4) Purchase of real estate.

Note: The travel costs include allowances for staff involved in the project, provided that they are in accordance with the customary practices of the beneficiary and the project partner and do not exceed certain national rates;

Cost limits are stipulated in the Annex 3 to the Guidelines for FBR applicants.

In justified cases, Programme Operator may agree to increase those limits.

The final date of eligibility for FBR projects implemented as a result of this call for proposals will be specified in the FBR project contract, but may not be later than 30 October 2017.

Expenditure incurred in the Euro should be calculated according to the exchange rate of 1 EUR = 4,361 PLN. In case of expenditure in Norwegian Kroner the following exchange rate shall apply: 1 NOK = 0,481 PLN[4].


7.  Criteria and FBR project selection

Applicants may submit FBR applications during the call for proposals from the moment of its announcement until all available contracted allocation indicated in point 4 is exhausted, but not later than until 30.06.2017.

Should all the available allocation in the call be contracted, Programme Operator will create 
a reserve list of projects in order of their submission. Projects on the reserve list will be eligible for funding should savings occur in the programme. Programme Operator will inform each applicant about such a possibility. If the applicant chooses not to obtain funding, Programme Operator will ask the applicant whose project was placed next on the reserve list. Operator Program will be contracting funding until the programme savings are depleted.

Formal and substantive assessment of an FBR application is carried out by the Programme Operator.  This is an zero-one evaluation, which means that it will be made to verify whether a given application meets or does not meet the criterion specified by the Operator. When an application does not fulfil a specified criterion/criteria, the Programme Operator asks the applicant to provide supplement within the prescribed period. The application will be rejected if any criterion is not met, the supplement will be insufficient or will not be provided on time. The Programme Operator shall inform the applicant on the reasons for the rejection.

The Programme Operator shall formally and substantively assess the application within 20 working days from the date of receipt of the application.

FBR applications, which met all the criteria are awarded with funding in order of submission of a valid application until all funds available under the announced call are exhausted.

Every month, a list of applicants accepted by the Programme Operator for funding will be consulted with the Donor Programme Partner - Norwegian Directorate of Health.

The following criteria will be assessed:

I Substantive criteria

a) Do the activities planned by the applicant facilitate the development of partnerships, support networking, exchange, sharing and transfer of knowledge, technology , experience and best practices between applicants and entities in Norway and/or international organizations?

b) Is the FBR project in line with one of the objectives of the PL13 programme?

c) Are all of the indicators adequate for the FBR project and do they reflect the planned project objectives?

d) Has the added value, which may arise from the execution of the project, been described in the application?

e) Does the FBR project provide for the continuation of cooperation between the beneficiary and institutions in Norway and/or international organizations?

II Formal criteria

a) Has the application been submitted in paper and electronic form and using the appropriate template?

b) Have all the items in the application form been filled (along with a brief summary in English ), in accordance with the Instruction for filling the application within the Fund for Bilateral Relations at the level of the Operational Programme ?

c) Have the paper version of the application form and all attachments  been signed by an authorized person and dated (the signature is legible or the form is initialed with the personal stamp)?

d) Are all required attachments enclosed?

• Has the partner VAT recoverability statement been enclosed?

• Has a power of attorney for the person signing the application, if the authorization of such person is not apparent from the documents described in point 5 of the Instruction for filling  the FBR application been enclosed?

• Has a letter of intent or a partnership agreement been included?

e) Does the applicant belong to the group of eligible applicants?

f ) Is the partner eligible in accordance with the Guidelines and comes from Norway or/and it is an international organization?

g ) Are starting and ending dates consistent with the requirements of the call (i.e. the duration of the project until 30.10.2017)?

h) Financial Issues

• Is the requested amount consistent with the ceiling for co-financing?

• Are maximum costs of the FBR project and the total cost of individual activities within the limits specified in the Guidelines for Applicants within the Fund for Bilateral Relations at the PL13 Operational Programme level?

• Are all the planned activities and costs eligible for funding in accordance with Article 7.7.2 b of the Regulation?

I) Does the project avoid double funding?

Each applicant shall have the right to apply to the OP for the withdrawal of the FBR application from further steps in the assessment procedure. To withdraw an application, one has to  provide the OP a letter requesting so, signed by the person/s authorized to represent the applicant.

A contract or equivalent document on the FBR project will be concluded between the Ministry of Health acting as the Programme Operator and the beneficiary. The document will determine the terms and conditions of the grant and the roles and responsibilities of the parties.


8.  Payment system

Programme Operator shall not make advance payments for execution of an FBR project. 

Beneficiary shall submit a FBR report to the Programme Operator within 10 days from the end of the reporting period (for the periods January-April, May-August , September-December). All expenses incurred in relation with the project must be confirmed by submitting copies of accounting documents, along with copies of the documents confirming the settlement of the payment and delivery of the service, payroll, as well as agreements with contractors. PO may decide to introduce monthly reporting period aiming at increasing the frequency of reimbursement. 

In the case of projects carried out in partnership with entities from the Donor States, a report of the independent certified auditor, certifying that the reported costs were incurred in accordance with the Regulations, provisions of national law and accounting practices of the partner of the project, will be a sufficient proof of costs incurred.



9. Date, place and the way for submitting applications for funding of projects

The call for FBR projects runs in the period from calls announcement until 30.06.2017, 16:15 Hrs. The term refers to the documentation submitted in paper and electronic form.


FBR application must be submitted in Polish in paper and electronic form available at the  www.fbr.zdrowie.gov.pl. The application must be filed in one hard copy with the signature of the person authorized to represent the applicant and one electronic version (CD/DVD). The carrier containing the completed application form with attachments (files with extensions supported by MS Office, i.e., among others: xls, xlsm, doc, docx and pdf) should be attached to paper version of the application. The application with attachments and a CD/DVD must be permanently put in a binder or folder. 

The application, together with a set of attachments, put into a binder or folder must be submitted in an envelope or package, by mail, by courier or in person. 

In case of submission by post office or courier, the date of the postmark or proof of shipment shall apply, but the date of delivery to the Programme Operator may not be later than 10 working days from the date of the calls deadline. 


Place of submission: 


Ministry of Health

Department of European Funds and e-Health

Ul. Miodowa 15

00-952 Warsaw


The application must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked: Application FWD under PL13, No of call: 6/NMF/PL13/FWD/2017 


In addition, one should put the following information on the envelope: 


• full name and address of the applicant,

• title of the project,

• full name and address of the Program Operator(Ministry of Health - Department of European Funds and e-Health) 


Electronic media should bear the following information:

• Full name of applicant: .......................

• Project title : .....................................

• Call no 6/NMF/PL13/FWD/2017


10. Documents

Programme documents

Application documents

11. Contact details

Additional information can be obtained under 22 530 03 24 (Mon-Fri 10.00-14.00) or via e-mail: fwd@mz.gov.pl.

In accordance with Art. 35 § 1 of the Code of Administrative Procedure, answers to all your questions will be provided immediately (in principle - within 21 working days, but in justified cases this period may be extended).

All the information needed to submit an application is available on the website of the Programme Operator www.fbr.zdrowie.gov.pl.





[1] Calculated using the average monthly exchange rate published in the C series of the Official Journal of the European Union calculated for the 6-month period prior to the month of publication, i.e.  1 EUR = PLN 4,361

[2]Calculated using the average monthly exchange rate published in the C series of the Official Journal of the European Union calculated for the 6-month period prior to the month of publication, i.e.  1 EUR = PLN 4,361

[3]Calculated using the average monthly exchange rate published in the C series of the Official Journal of the European Union calculated for the 6-month period prior to the month of publication, i.e.  1 EUR = PLN 4,361 

[4] Calculated using the average monthly exchange rate published in the C series of the Official Journal of the European Union calculated for the 6-month period prior to the month of publication, i.e.  1 NOK = 0,481 PLN

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